Juicy Fruicy available

Juicy Fruicy is a highly addictive game says my best friend. Build as long as possible fruit chains to collect a lot of coins. Let flowers and flower pots fall to the bottom in order to collect them. Later you are able to rotate your device and give the fruit another direction of falling.


* Put a bee in order to reap all  fruits of the same kind

* Beware of swirls or you will lose your flowers

* to obtain bombs, you must connect different chains

* Missiles and excavator rooms from series

* Destroy ice and cactus, before they destroy you

* Includes treasure chests and skulls

* Collecting all coins that are abandoned on the field.

* Many levels with ever increasing difficulty

* But: all level can be solved

* With internet connection, you got a 2nd chance, if you don't make a Level

* The more times you fail, the easier is the second chance

* Including great moments of happiness

* Great entertainment for many hours


"The game you must have. I play it again and again in the bus, on the train, on the couch or in the bathtub." - T.Q. from A.


"We have established an anonymous Juicy Fruicy club. Since then I have a lot more joy in life." - W.H. from K.

"I've installed Juicy Fruicy and the same day I got a new job. That has to beed told!" - R. S. from P.


This is a family project. My daughters, 9 and 12 years, as designers and me as father and programmer. Please support us by your positive reviews and recommendations, so that the girl can buy nike shoes (they cannot live without). Thank You.


The game has been tested on iPhone 4.5 and 6, and iPad2 and Air. Please report errors you discovered and suggestions for more exciting levels.


Uses Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements.


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